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Thursday, April 19, 2007

#235 4/18/07
Pleas> Imitation Leather Shoes - Widespread Panic - NYC 9-14-06 RCMH White Fluffy Clouds - Camper Van Beethoven - New Roman Times PAGE McCONNELL INTERVIEW 4/18/07 > Beauty Of A Broken Heart Interview> Back In The Basement> Interview Morning Dew - Grateful Dead - Truckin Up To Buffalo 7/4/89 Ampersand - Adrian Belew - Side One Yes I Will - Spearhead - Vegoose 05 (Backstage) Gypsy Fade - Galactic - Ruckus Pass The Hatchet - Yo La Tengo - Im Not Afraid Of You And I. Sedan Delivery - Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Live Rust Think - Magic Slim & The Teardrops - Scufflin Paper Thin - Buddy & Julie Miller - Itll Come To You /Songs Of Hiatt Fixing A Hole - The Wood Brothers - 3/6/06 Woodstock Jams Live Express Yourself - Charles Wright & The 103rd Street Rhythm Band - What Is Hip?

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Cliff Pickover experiment August 2008

I'm intrigued by Dr. Cliff Pickover's books. His books explore topics ranging from computers and creativity to art, mathematics, parallel universes, Einstein, time travel, alien life, religion, dimethyltryptamine elves, and the nature of human genius. His main web page is here. (Call me a little crazy, but one reason I've placed this text on my web page is that I hope he will discover it and give me one of his books as a gift. In fact, like a mindless zombie, I copied these very words from Cliff.)

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